Highlights of The 49th Country Music Awards


The 49th Academy of Country Music Awards’ big winners are led by country music singers like Miranda Lambert and George Strait. The rosters of winners include the big names of the genre such as Keith Urban, Blake Shelton and Lady Antebellum.

The fan-voted award show awarded veteran George Strait the highest prize of the night, The Entertainer of the Year. He managed to beat artists like Taylor Swift, husband and wife Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, and Luke Bryan who won the previous year.

Strait reiterated in his acceptance speech that he has the best fans in the world and that it has been an amazing 30 years. Blake Shelton, who co-hosted with Luke Bryan that night referred to him as their hero.

Miranda Lambert, on the other hand, won the female vocalist category. She has beaten prominent names in the industry like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow and Kasey Musgraves. She also won single record of the year for her hit song “Mama’s Broken Heart”. In her speech she mentioned that she was thankful and humbled.

The Academy of Country Music Awards, first presented in 1966, is the first country music awards program held by a major organization. They aim to preserve and promote the tradition of country music and award music achievers in their corresponding categories.

The coveted New Artist of the Year award, the first one to be given that night was awarded to newcomer Justin Moore. He is a 30-year old country music and song writer whose number one hits include “If Heaven Weren’t So far Away” and “Till My last Day”.

He was teary on his speech and he thanked country radio for giving a hillbilly like him a chance. He probably thought he wasn’t going to be big and that all of his Justin Moore tour won’t be possible.

The three-hour award show featured performances from The Voice judges Blake Shelton and Shakira who sang the duet “Medicine”. Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears’ sister was also there to remind everybody of her emerging presence in the country music scene. Other performances of the night also included the likes of Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban.

How to Apply Makeup for a Rock Concert


So you want to go to Blessthefall or Imagine Dragons tour. You pick your clothes, plan your accessories, dye your hair perhaps, round up your buddies, and anticipate the big day. When the day comes, you don’t want to look out of place. You want to look the best you can be as a rock fan.

Applying makeup for a rock concert can seem daunting, but it’s really pretty easy. Follow these steps to achieve that dark yet glamorous look for a rock concert:

Step 1: Nurture your skin days before the concert.

This is an important rule before going to any event. If you do not do this daily, then do it 2-4 days before the concert. The better condition your skin is, the easier it is to apply makeup on. Wash your face every night, apply a good moisturizer, and use either a mask or exfoliation product. For day time you should use a sun block to avoid dark pigments.

Step 2: Go easy on the foundation.

When you apply the initial or base foundation, make sure you don’t end up looking like a geisha. Apply it moderately, making sure that it blends well with your skin tone and that it looks natural. Use a sweat-proof foundation because you know as much as I do that you will sweat.

Recommended products: MAC Studio Finish concealer and YSL Teint Resist Long Wear Foundation.

Step 3: Apply the eyeshadow.

If you’re confident that you look good and classy with a heavy dark eyeshadow, go for it. Use dark colors such as black, brown, blue, or even purple if you’re feeling funky. One important tip: use an eyeshadow primer. This will help keep your eyeshadow looking good all night long.

Step 4: Use a lip liner.

If you’re going for a bright lip color, you definitely have to use a lip liner. This will stay in place longer than a lipstick. If you’re in a crowded area, chances are you can’t go off often to reapply your lipstick so stick with the lip liner.

Step 5: Use powder blush.

Cream blush tend to become sticky and make your face look oily, so you can just use powder blush. It will look natural on your cheeks and can give you a matte look.

The Fashion Industry and How it Affects the Society


Fashion has been one of the most popular and interesting topic to talk about especially for women. Celebrities, the season’s latest collection, upcoming fashion shows – these are just some factors, which are considered as the talk of the town. 9 out of 10 people believe that the fashion industry affects a person’s overall personality. Most people say that being updated with the latest fashion trend boosts self-confidence. Apart from being one of our daily necessities, we also use clothes to express ourselves. Mixing and matching different clothing items and accessories can create a statement without saying anything. A lot of women are addicted to shopping different types of clothes which they also consider as their investment.

Designer clothes and accessories are very much in demand these days. People who don’t seem to bother with its expensive price are usually the ones associated with the entertainment world such as celebrities and movie icons. But who says designer items are only for popular and rich people?

Practical women always find a way to own any expensive item without spending a lot of money. Here are the most common ways:

  • Online shopping. It is indeed the latest shopping trend that is being practiced by millions of consumer these days. Because online stores are desperate to get a sale, they do a lot of gimmicks such as discounts and off which is perfect for those with tight budget. Though some items were already passed the latest collection, it is still a good opportunity.
  • Pre-loved shopping. It is a common misconception that designer items being sold in pre-loved stores are mostly in its worse condition. With women being meticulous especially with their personal belongings, we can still expect some items to look good as new. The best thing to do is read carefully about the item’s details because most sellers indicate some issues or defects with the products that they are selling.

Purchasing the best designer items in town does not necessarily mean you need to spend all your fortune. It can only cost like stand up comedy Daniel Tosh tickets which are very affordable and of course, worth it.

What to Wear in Country Music Concerts


Going to a concert of your favorite artist means a kickass outfit that will make you feel a rightful member of the crowd. If you’ll go to a Blake Shelton tour  you don’t want to look like a rock music fan! Instead, you would want to look like the legit country music fan that you are and you can achieve this look with these easy to find pieces:


Cut out denim shorts, pants, skirts are sometimes all you need to look country. You don’t have to bare all in a pair of “Daisy Dukes”; any denim bottom will do. Go for light colored denim for a more casual look and a dark one for an elegant look.


Get a plain or plaid blouse to pair with your denim shorts or jeans and you’re good to go. Consider the weather, too. If it’s hot and the concert will be held outdoors, go for loose-fitting tops. Long-sleeved blouse, which you can tuck in or hang loose, are a good option during fall and winter.


Dresses are definitely country; just look at Taylor Swift’s light summer dresses. She usually sports floral, feminine dresses that go well with her blonde locks and pink to red lipstick shades.

Cowboy Boots

All these outfits are not complete without the boots! Even the simplest dress will look fabulous on a pair of high boots. Choose a color that will go well with your top or dress. Boots look good on shorts, pants, skirts, and dress.


You can experiment with your accessories to achieve the “countriest” look. Don a cowboy hat if it looks good on your entire outfit. You can also use leather belts to pair off with denim shorts or jeans. Vibrant-colored necklaces and bracelets can spice up your look, too. You can play around with your hair by braiding it, letting it loose, or by using a pretty floral crown that even Taylor has been using.

One Final Advice

Remember, however, that you need not break your wallet just to achieve a country look! Look around for cheap deals in thrift shops or discount stores. There are also a lot of affordable cut pieces you can find online. You can look amazing without having to go broke!

Choosing PLM Software: Best Fashion/Apparel Management Software Products


Nowadays, the number of fashion or apparel websites is growing so rapidly. This only proves that more and more people are hooked with online shopping, since it makes their life easier. Because of the growing customer base of online shopping for clothes and apparel, many entrepreneurs are entering this industry.

In order to withstand the challenges of this industry, entrepreneurs need to have the necessary tools. Through this way, they can ensure that they’ll be able to run their business swiftly. Among the tools that entrepreneurs require in order to have an efficient fashion or apparel website is PLM software.

For the benefit of those who are new in this industry and those who are not familiar with this product, PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management. This refers to the systematic process of regulating the whole lifecycle of a certain product, from its design and fabrication to its disposal or retirement.

Primarily, PLM is related to manufacturing; however, the management structure can as well be utilized for service provision and software development. Product Lifecycle Management is basically broken into stages, and these are:

1. BOL or Beginning of Life

This stage involves new product development, as well as new design procedure.

2. MOL or Middle of Life

This involves collaboration with the suppliers, warranty management and PIM or referred to as Product Information Management.

3. EOL or End of Life

This last stage involves techniques intended for the way the products will be determined of, discarded or recycled.

By using PLM software, entrepreneurs can acquire help in managing the lifecycles of their products, since this software can render data warehouse for the information that impacts the product. This software can be utilized in automating the regulation of product-related data, and then incorporate the data with other business procedures, like ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning and MES or Manufacturing Execution Systems.

The main goal of Product Lifecycle Management is to eradicate the waste and enhance efficiency. It has a significant role in the Lean Production Model.

To help those who are planning to establish a fashion or apparel website, below is a list of the best apparel management software products.

1. Fastreact

This is developed by Fast React Systems, which is a specialist provider of incredible solutions for Planning, Sourcing and Critical Path Management. This PLM software is specifically created for Textiles, Footwear, and Apparel sectors. The primary focus of Fastreact is enhanced visibility, control and coordination, along with ease of use.

When the customer demand is increasing for better flexibility and speed, several companies realize that their current systems are incapable of coping. This usually results to onerous utilization of manual spread sheets. To avoid this from occurring, fashion or apparel website owners must use PLM software applications like Fastreact.

Among the main features of Fastreact are, but not limited to:

  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting Integration
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Order Processing and Sales
  • Process Management
  • Pre-Production Management
  • Ra Material Management

2. A2000 Software

This PLM software is the end result of the efforts of GCS. A2000 ERP package can efficiently handle all the transactional requisites of an organization. The system can render separate but entirely interspersed modules intended for Production, PDM, Forecasting and Inventory, Order Processing, Warehousing, Allocation and Sales, Accounting, Shipping, Report Writer, EDI, System Administration, Telemarketing, Catalog, Web-enabled customer based sales.

A2000 already worked with leading distributors and manufacturers to produce quick, innovative application that is indeed geared specifically to accessory, apparel, and home furnishings industries. Nowadays, the environment of the business world is becoming more and more competitive, which is why it is crucial to maintain an efficient and lean organization. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the customized functionality, scalability, and power of A2000 Software at reasonable prices.

3. PolyPm

This is developed by Polygon Software and it is a blend of ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning and PLM or Product Lifecycle management. This software is truly capable of helping manufacturers, distributors, and brands from design up to distribution. Because of its effective work, Gartner awarded PolyPm the highest rating for 2 consecutive years.

This software features high quality functionality and endless implementation at affordable costs. Since it is web-enabled, PolyPm enhances communications, and it effectively controls the design procedure, as well as regulates production, starting from order entry up to distribution.

Among the features that PolyPm can render are, but not limited to:

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Accounting Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing and Sales
  • Warehouse Management Supply Chain Management

4. Bluewater Software

This is a PLM application of DeSL and it is among the best tools when it comes to synergetic product design and fabrication. Customized to be utilized by all departments in the development procedure, this solution renders an excellent web-based, collective, and real-time network, which is specifically geared to decreasing fabrication time lines and leveraging quality. Bluewater software is based on the technology of Microsoft.NET.

5. Apparel Connect

This is developed by db Solutions and it is utilized by brand manufacturers and CMT factories that are based in South Africa and Asia. Apparel Connect ERP is themed and proven for manufacturers and CMT factories of leading brands, like Puma, Adidas, and Nike. It can support AQL processes and full style development for the mentioned brands. It featuresPLM and Supply Chain, Capacity Planning, Material Resource Planning, Payroll AQL, Task Management and a lot more.

Indeed, fashion or apparel website owners need this type of application, since it can simplify all of their business processes. It can truly enhance and streamline the innovation of the enterprise product lifecycle.

The Fashion World and Prohibited Drugs


Liz Hurley may be one brave girl, choosing to be among a few fashion models who have revealed a drug-addicted fashion world. In a past interview with the Daily Mail, UK, Estee Lauder model, Elizabeth, talked about heroin addiction being rampant in the fashion industry. She believes drug use is common among those breaking into the fashion industry and among models who are still quite new in the business. As to why she doesn’t think that established models (‘supermodels’) are drug dependent, she comments that ‘it would be difficult to build a huge business empire if you are wasted all the time’. Liz says that drug abusers find it hard to get bookings; people stop booking them because they are unreliable.

Hurley cautions people about mass-judging models, though. Although it is true that some pressure young girls into taking illegal drugs to maintain a thin frame, “Not all skinny models are drug users”, she said.

Best known in the ‘90s, Claudia Schiffer, a well-established model figure, claims she wasn’t aware of the people around her who were into drugs. She thinks it was so, since she wasn’t really interested with the partying and fame that came with the status. She was mostly a ‘straight from work-to home’ kind of girl. She states she was never offered anything, and she didn’t witnessed anyone taking drugs. She was not interested in drugs, nor smoke, nor wine.

Claudia thinks though, that the modeling industry now is more professional, more businesslike, more serious about budget and finance. This may or may not mean a ‘curbing’ of taste for partying, drugs, and other addictive vices. With the stiff competition, a serious model would put more time into performing well, while the ‘iron is still hot’. Popularity may be with him/her for a season or two and then it may soon be gone.

Kylie Bisutti was once an Elite Model; she decided to quit early and is thankful that she didn’t have to get in so deep before finally realizing that the fashion world was not good for her. Eating disorders, illicit sex, and prohibited drugs, Kylie is grateful for being rescued from all that. She currently runs a faith-based website which aims to inspire people for life-change.

Another site that helps with life-change and recovery from drug addiction is inpatient drug rehab. Refer a needy friend today.

Reasons To Wear Fashion Accessories


You can dress for the occasion and wear some fabulous make up but the impact of accessories are the most important of all. You can even attend a party wearing pair of earrings and a necklace. Accessories are becoming more trendy and necessary these days. Maybe you find yourself spending much for accessories as you do for clothes.

Accessories are equally essential as your outfit. It’s a way of creating a unique look with your own sense of style. It’s like finding the best running shoes for flat fleet during road races. Check out why accessories matter in fashion.

It Specifies Occasion

Clothes define occasion and accessories do too. You can play with your clothes hopping from one party to another just by the use of accessories. Lunch out with friends will basically need you to wear bold statement jewelry, funky hat and gorgeous sunglasses. And if you like to party at night you can bring out pair of pumps and clutch bag. Add some cocktail rings or colorful earrings to complete the ready-to-party-look.

As you see you can actually wear the same wardrobe for various occasions just by accessorizing. Just be careful to use the appropriate accessories.

It Defines Your Style

They come in big and small sizes but these items are important to add detail to your outfit. Handbags, scarfs and headbands can turn into high-fashion accessories combined with the right clothing. Styling depends on your taste. Thanks to these beads and ribbons, creating a unique style from head to toe is possible.

It Can Save You Money

Accessories for obvious reasons are saving your hard-earned money from buying various expensive clothes. You can simply look out for sales of your favorite store and spend a little for more stylish addition to your closet.

Fashion is for all ages. You don’t have to buy the hottest commodity in fashion industry. Good accessories are all you need to unleash your inner fashionista. You don’t even have to spend more money just to achieve a fashionable look. Try to accessorize and complete your look with some do-it-yourself makeover for all occasions.


Fashionable Online Stores for Single Moms


With hard motivation and by sheer necessity, single mothers have to figure out a few things to remain fashionable without compromising being an all-around mom. Who says fashion style has to go out the door once a lady becomes a mom?  Get ready to be inspired with these cheap finds as a help for single moms who are looking for affordable bargain shops!

Styles For Less

Styles For Less has a lot of store locations, but doing an online shopping is the easiest option. It sells women’s clothing, footwear etc. There are a lot of amazing deals and sales, as well as various clothing options.

10-Dollar Mall

True to its name, this website has clothes under $10 for everyone. You can get women’s clothing for really, really low prices. The best part is that everything is on trend and either on $10 or less. You cannot go wrong with shopping here because you wouldn’t have to empty your pockets and feel guilty about buying too much things later.

Necessary Clothing

Necessary Clothing has tons of fashionable women’s clothing at cheap prices. You can even get free shipping if you spend $125 or more (US only). Check out their new arrivals, sales, shoes, and more.

Urban Original

Urban Original only sells items for women. There’s almost always a sale going on, like buy one, take one or 50% off. You buy popular styles and brands, but get them for extremely cheap price. This is a good site to buy shoes and dresses.


A’Gaci is a fashionista’s dream, with plenty of cheap clothes for a fashionable lady. Browse by trend, outfit, or casual pants, accessories, and shoes categories . If you shop by trend, you get a page,like a magazine, with links to all the items. The site really make it easy to find new bargains!

All of these are great websites for a single mom like you because not only can you get incredible savings, but you’ll not compromise your responsibilities as a single mom, while purchasing fashionable items to reward you a little. Next time you’re shopping online, browse through some of these stores. Tell other single moms out there so they’ll stop wasting money buying expensive clothes.

Ways to Stop Your Shopping Addiction


Being a habitual shopper or a shopaholic is good if you have lots of dollars to spend. But practically, shopping addiction is a bad habit. Shopping for unnecessary things can eventually left you empty-handed. Read the following tips than can help you bend your shopping addiction.

Know Your Possessions

You need to know what you own to avoid over spending on things you already have. Organize your things and make an inventory from your kitchen to your closets. By the time you go shopping bring a list of your inventory and try to avoid things that are still functional like the best ice cream maker you have in your kitchen.

Cash Only Policy

When you go shopping, left credit cards at home. You need to follow a ‘cash only policy’. Shopping with your credit cards around will tempt you to spend more than what you need. Unsubscribe from chain or department stores which offer coupons by using credits. It will help you get away from temptations of overspending.

Shopping is Not a Solution for Boredom and Depression

Going to the stores when your down will practically push you to buy things that are not important. Do other stuffs instead of hitting shopping malls. You can do more positive things like sitting on a library to read books or watch a feel good  movie. You can ask your friends to have coffee and talk. Do something that interests you excluding shopping.

List What You Need

You can save time and money by bringing a list to grocery stores and shopping malls. Bringing lists of necessary things will let you stick on the items in your list. If you see other things that you think is important, go home and check if you really need those. You can always go back to the store the next day.

Don’t Shop With Over-spenders

Hitting the mall with someone who is a bad spender will influence your list and your focus to buy only the necessary things. Think of things you can do with that friend that will not cost you much money. Instead go the grocery stores with a thrifty friend who can help you figure out the things necessary at home.

Bruno Mars Love for Hats


Not only does Bruno Mars can sing, write a song and produce music, his fashion style is absolutely worth checking out too! Bruno beyond doubt has a particular look that he likes to stick to onstage and off. His musical influences were Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley – both were gifted musicians who had a strong sense of style, too!

Bruno Mars was born as Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8, 1985. He dreamed and wanted to be a musician from a very young age. After he finished high school in Hawaii, he then moved to Los Angeles right away to push his career in the music industry. The aspiring singer then and now a guaranteed music star’s debut album was released in 10/2010, entitled “Doo-wops & Hooligans”, and immediately went to top 3 on the Billboard200 charts! Every time he sings onstage and attends events and parties, he always put on his signature trilby-style hat. Who would love to see his hat collection? The singer seems to have one for each and every occasion!

It seems to us that Brunos’ favorite hat is a Fedora; with a feather on the left by Bailey Hat Company. Bruno has some variant colors of a Fedora hat: white, brown and black.

First seen on his “Billionare” music video, the Fedora hat with feather also came out on his “Just The Way You Are” video as well as on most of his recent performances (like Saturday Night Live and Studio Session Live) and other public appearances.

The BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD DUKE HERITAGE HAT worn by Bruno Mars is made of fur classic fabric. It has a center crease crown, 1 ½ inch brim and snap sizes of 6 to 7inches

The BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD BURNHAM HERITAGE HAT. This hat is made with a Genuine Panama fabric. The hat has pork pie crown and 2 inches brim. Available sizes are S, M, L and XL

Whenever Bruno Mars is not in front of the world’s eye, he still wears hat but chooses on for a more relaxed sports look.

Even when stopped by a paparazzi just walking down the street, Bruno is still wearing a hat.

(For Bruno Mars concert tours/ticket visit http://www.musotickets.com/bruno-mars-concert-tickets-tour-dates/)

Photography is a Fun Hobby


Taking pictures have been the worldwide craze. Who would have predicted that selfie will become a vocabulary? It’s the magic of photography telling a story of what’s behind every photo. Professional photographers even spend few dollars just to get the job done. But capturing precious moments is still possible even without spending that much. Seeing things differently but in a good way is what defines photography. It’s a hobby that’s addictive. Here are some reasons why people can’t get enough of this addiction.

It’s your travel journal – If you and your friends are hard core travelers, then photography can change your life. Capturing every adventure you’ve made through your travels is priceless. Taking photos is a compilation of your life’s adventure that should be kept forever.

It draws you closer to your family – Looking into past events captured by your lenses is fun and exciting with other members of your family around. Pictures relive every emotion of the past. Seeing a happy face on photos will likely remind you of how happy you are that day. The same with family photos, scanning through photos especially those who have died will make us remember cherished moments with them.

Every day is a beautiful day – Once you’re into photography you’ll notice every little thing in your house or in your backyard. You’ll even get to the point of not wanting to use the best zero turn mower your father just purchased because you’re having fun taking pictures of your lawn. But photography somehow is seeing in a different perspective. Using the best zero turn mower will definitely change your backyard in a different form and in a fast pace. Don’t worry because it could be a better subject of your next photo session.

It will reveal true feelings – Just one click and you’ll see how a person really feels. Emotions can be hidden but not when you capture them. It’s what’s great about photography. It freezes the moment of happiness, sadness and even anger.

You can earn from it – This may be likely the least favorite reason to have but professional photographers are paid to get photos covered.

Everybody’s allowed to become a photographer. Seize the moment. Record every adventure and you’ll discover that life is worth living for.