Music’s Influence on Fashion Trends

Trends and styles in the clothes that we wear are the result of several contributing factors. Primarily, people wear clothes to protect their bodies from the elements but this is not the only reason for one’s choice of clothing. In most cases, it is the culture and what is popularized in media that dictates what a certain generation prefers to wear. Since music is an integral part of every culture, it is then no surprise that it indeed casts influence on fashion.

Along with the commercial success of the Beatles in the mid-1960’s came the trend of mop-top hairstyles, skinny ties and collarless suits. The band even started a trend in footwear, aptly called Beatles boots, which was tight-fitting, ankle-length and had Cuban heels. One fashion article that is still being worn even today is the pair of round, thin-rimmed spectacles that was part of the trademark look of John Lennon.

In the seventies when most young people were listening to psychedelic rock, they wore shirts with bold floral patterns and designs and paired them with bell bottoms. When punk rock became the rage, one would not be surprised to see men and women wearing torn shirts and black leather pants and accessories. The Mohawk hairstyle, which punk rock followers wore and dyed in different colors, was also in vogue. In the late seventies, disco music became popular and so did glittery short dresses. Men during this time wore tight pants made of polyester.

Not to be outdone, country music has an impact on fashion too, with a mix of rock & roll and biker looks. Sundresses, tight denim pants, leather jackets, wide leather belts and cowboy boots are just a few of the trends that southern music helped to make popular. Country music artists like Taylor Swift and Toby Keith have even launched their own clothing lines. To identify with the type of music they love, fans like to wear these types of clothes especially when their favorite artists perform live. For example, when the country pop duo, Florida Georgia Line, goes on tour, southern music-inspired clothes can be as in demand as the Florida Georgia Line tickets for the concert.

Currently, the type of music that has an obvious influence on fashion is hip-hop, characterized by the very large-sized shirts and baggy jeans worn with athletic footwear. Male hip-hop artists are also distinguished by their love of thick, flashy gold chains and jewelry, while the women are known for their sexy and revealing clothes.

Music and fashion are both forms of art, as well as forms of expression; and both are also essential parts of a culture. As long as people’s tastes in music change, a concurrent change in fashion trends will always follow.

Katy Perry Concerts: More than Her Music are Her Vibrant Wardrobes

Ever since Katy Perry made her presence felt in the music scene with her “I Kissed a Girl” in 2008, she has been known for her wardrobe that ranges from stylish to outrageous. Katy has remained unafraid and unfazed to show off a fashion sense that is uniquely her own.

Katy Perry charmed her way to the hearts of fans not only through her own brand of music, but also with her bubbly personality and wardrobe choices. This multi-platinum pop artist and concert performer has the sole distinction of being the first female artist to have five songs from the same album hit #1 on the billboard charts, a distinction she shares with Michael Jackson.

Katy Perry concerts have been brought around the world several times. When she does her hit song “Roar” in concert, you literally hear her do just that. In 2011, her “California Dreams Tour” earned almost $69 million from ticket sales making it to the 13th slot of Billboards Top 25 Tours for that year. The People Choice Awards for that year also gave her the title, “Favorite Tour Headliner.

For the year 2014, Katy Perry is doing “The Prism” concert tour to promote her new album, “Prism.” The pop superstar hinted that this concert tour will be full of magical moments, the Katy Perry brand of magic.

Katy Perry is bringing along her tattoo artist, Bang Bang McCurdy on the concert tour this year. Katy Perry usually gets herself inked after each concert tour. She had a “strawberry ink” for her “Hello Kitty” tour in 2009 and a “Peppermint Swirl” for the 2011 “California Dreams” tour. It is expected that she will get one too for her “Prism” Concert tour. With her tattoo artist in tow, the “Prism” tattoo may come earlier this time.

Other than her hit songs, concert tours and out-of-this-world outfits, Katy Perry gets a lot of attention for her boobs. A lot of people jokingly say that they only know one thing about Katy Perry- the Katy Perry boobs. She says having big boobs has been her childhood dream and claims she has been blessed with one without having to resort to a breast augmentation job.

Differentiating Beauty Queens and Top Models

Both the pageant and fashion industries adore beauty and glamour. In many ways, these industries are the same. First of all, women dominate these fields. There are more pageants created for women and in the fashion industry, female models are paid more. Those who wish to enter these industries are also in for a cutthroat competition. Out of thousands of women aspiring to become a model, only the selected few make their way to the top. In beauty pageants, candidates have to go through a rigorous selection process, and only one ends up with a crown.

However, despite the similarities of these two fields, they are in fact different in many ways. There are those who are meant to be successful beauty queens and others are destined to be supermodels. Though there are those who are successful in crossing over from pageants to modeling and vice versa, the truth is that it is a huge risk. Only a few women succeed in this endeavor. Let us take a closer look at how these 2 fields differ from one another.

  • Beauty pageants usually crown commercial beauties. They are the “pretty” women whose beauty is universally acceptable. On the other hand, the fashion industry is looking for “edgier” beauties. Those who are not necessarily considered “beautiful” by the masses are given more emphasis in the modeling world. Thus, we see models who have teeth gap, tons of freckles, weird facial bone structure, and the like.
  • Models are meant to be “mannequins.” They are usually just dressed up to sell products and services. They speak through their facial expressions and body languages. However, beauty queens are meant to be ambassadors of their respective pageants. They need to be eloquent. They also have to pass the question and answer portion, which usually is an important segment during the coronation night.
  • In modeling, the catwalk has to be precise and technical. Models are expected to have really strong walks and long strides. They need to have serious faces most of the times. Catwalk is also important in pageants. However, candidates are expected to have more personality. They need to exude more “happy” energy and be a little “flirty.”
  • Being over the top is important in modeling. The modeling industry needs women who can totally stand out. This is why the way women are styled in fashion shows is totally exaggerated. From frizzy hair, to layers of makeup, and unique dresses, anything can happen in fashion. However, in beauty pageants, candidates have to be prim and proper. Exaggerated gowns are still acceptable, but none should go beyond the limits. Pageant organizers also check the gowns to be worn and see if they are fit for live television shows.
  • Models can model anything that is offered to them by different companies. Whether it is for a cigarette brand, liquor company, furniture company such, or even men’s magazine, models have the freedom. Beauty queens on the other hand have limitations. National and international pageants have their own rules in regards to what should be allowed for their queens to endorse.

Trying it out in both worlds can be very difficult and the competition is very tough. Therefore, if you wish to be a part of any of these industries, it pays a lot to know which field you are to shine. Crossovers can be done later on if you have already established your name.