Be a Plumber and Work for Production Companies for Film and Modeling

Have you decided yet what career to pursue? Perhaps, you should take a closer look at plumbing. This is not necessarily what most people think of as a first choice when deciding their career, but it could be a good option for you.

Take note that every residential and commercial establishment needs a plumber. There are a lot of problems that could happen any time. There are not enough plumbers in the world to attend to all these issues. This is why you have to seriously consider this job if you want to earn a lot of money.

The benefits

To begin with, you own your time. You work only by demand. You can setup a schedule on when you are available for a plumbing appointment. If you were asked to be there right away for a plumbing emergency, it is fine. You are paid more for emergency repairs anyway.

There are also a lot of production companies preparing the set for photo shoots and films. There are instances in which these are placed outdoors. Since people need water and bathroom even when the set is outdoors, you will most likely be needed. Partner with these big companies and you can expect to be paid more.

Take note that there are major models and actors in the set. Some of them may have really big demands. If basic needs like water can’t be provided to them, it could spell a disaster. This is why your help is badly needed.

Most of all, you will have a stable source of income. If you are the only plumber in a certain area, expect people to call you for help. You might even have to turn down some of them because you can no longer catch up. You are even free to increase the charges for your services because you are the only person they rely on to do the job.

Creating a path to success

If this is really the field you wish to pursue, it is time to start planning your path. Learn how to do plumbing work with the help of expert. There are technical schools and community colleges offering this course. There are even online courses available these days.

Once you have finished the necessary courses, it is time to get a license. You have to undergo a test to be given a license. You must pass it first. There are written and practical examinations you have to go through. The license must also be renewed after a certain number of years.

Once the license is obtained, you are now ready to start the job. Work on advertising your services first. Don’t stick with local customers. Go for big time partners. Again, production companies are among the best groups to target for this job. They can hire you for huge events and this would also mean bigger income for your company.

Don’t hurry though. Take note that you have to build your name first. If you are entering the world of models and actors, you need to be top notch. You will be paid a lot for your plumbing services so you have to prove your worth.

Just check out Sam Dunn plumbing and be inspired to pursue the same path. It is fulfilling especially if you know that your job helps a lot of other people.