Bruno Mars Love for Hats

Not only does Bruno Mars can sing, write a song and produce music, his fashion style is absolutely worth checking out too! Bruno beyond doubt has a particular look that he likes to stick to onstage and off. His musical influences were Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley – both were gifted musicians who had a strong sense of style, too!

Bruno Mars was born as Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8, 1985. He dreamed and wanted to be a musician from a very young age. After he finished high school in Hawaii, he then moved to Los Angeles right away to push his career in the music industry. The aspiring singer then and now a guaranteed music star’s debut album was released in 10/2010, entitled “Doo-wops & Hooligans”, and immediately went to top 3 on the Billboard200 charts! Every time he sings onstage and attends events and parties, he always put on his signature trilby-style hat. Who would love to see his hat collection? The singer seems to have one for each and every occasion!

It seems to us that Brunos’ favorite hat is a Fedora; with a feather on the left by Bailey Hat Company. Bruno has some variant colors of a Fedora hat: white, brown and black.

First seen on his “Billionare” music video, the Fedora hat with feather also came out on his “Just The Way You Are” video as well as on most of his recent performances (like Saturday Night Live and Studio Session Live) and other public appearances.

The BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD DUKE HERITAGE HAT worn by Bruno Mars is made of fur classic fabric. It has a center crease crown, 1 ½ inch brim and snap sizes of 6 to 7inches

The BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD BURNHAM HERITAGE HAT. This hat is made with a Genuine Panama fabric. The hat has pork pie crown and 2 inches brim. Available sizes are S, M, L and XL

Whenever Bruno Mars is not in front of the world’s eye, he still wears hat but chooses on for a more relaxed sports look.

Even when stopped by a paparazzi just walking down the street, Bruno is still wearing a hat.

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