Photography is a Fun Hobby

Taking pictures have been the worldwide craze. Who would have predicted that selfie will become a vocabulary? It’s the magic of photography telling a story of what’s behind every photo. Professional photographers even spend few dollars just to get the job done. But capturing precious moments is still possible even without spending that much. Seeing things differently but in a good way is what defines photography. It’s a hobby that’s addictive. Here are some reasons why people can’t get enough of this addiction.

It’s your travel journal – If you and your friends are hard core travelers, then photography can change your life. Capturing every adventure you’ve made through your travels is priceless. Taking photos is a compilation of your life’s adventure that should be kept forever.

It draws you closer to your family – Looking into past events captured by your lenses is fun and exciting with other members of your family around. Pictures relive every emotion of the past. Seeing a happy face on photos will likely remind you of how happy you are that day. The same with family photos, scanning through photos especially those who have died will make us remember cherished moments with them.

Every day is a beautiful day – Once you’re into photography you’ll notice every little thing in your house or in your backyard. You’ll even get to the point of not wanting to use the best zero turn mower your father just purchased because you’re having fun taking pictures of your lawn. But photography somehow is seeing in a different perspective. Using the best zero turn mower will definitely change your backyard in a different form and in a fast pace. Don’t worry because it could be a better subject of your next photo session.

It will reveal true feelings – Just one click and you’ll see how a person really feels. Emotions can be hidden but not when you capture them. It’s what’s great about photography. It freezes the moment of happiness, sadness and even anger.

You can earn from it – This may be likely the least favorite reason to have but professional photographers are paid to get photos covered.

Everybody’s allowed to become a photographer. Seize the moment. Record every adventure and you’ll discover that life is worth living for.

5 Signs That You’re a Fashion Addict

You’re easily angered at the thought of not having the dress you like at a store. You think it was the latest trend, you’ve seen it in a fashion magazine somewhere and it’s just fabulous. But what can you do, that dress smells thousands of dollars. It’s what a film like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ and TV series like ‘Gossip Girl’ do to you.

High-fashion industries’ styles that are depicted in movies are superficial. Loving fashion is not a bad thing but addiction is different. You even forgot to call a water delivery service because you’re nailed to watching a marathon of ‘Project Runway’ or ‘America’s Next Top Model’. Just toned your addiction a little and keep an eye of your fashion meter to prevent it from happening.

  1. You’ve subscribed to every fashion magazine – From GQ to Vogue. You think having these magazines will let you improve your sense of style. You’re not totally mistaken, but these subscriptions will cause you few dollars. Simplify your need and be practical.
  1. You got piles of clothes in your closet – There’s nothing wrong with clothes, but what’s wrong is you’re not using them. You only need plenty of wardrobes if you’re a TV personality or model. But if you’re not then don’t waste money on clothes you just want to display.
  1. You have a schedule of every fashion TV show – It’s entertaining to see models wearing the hottest clothes fitting for every season – summer, autumn, fall, winter. You think it’s informative. But spending your time watching those is not normal anymore. The thing is, it’s not a sin if you miss an episode.
  1. Your headband matches your toenails – Matching the colors of the clothes and accessories you wear are time-consuming and it doesn’t come cheap. You may say that it’s the improvised version but still, it’s not practical.
  1. You follow every Victoria’s Secret Model on Twitter – If you’ve done this then certainly you’re a certified fashion addict.

Dressing up or matching your accessories once in a while is a good thing. Don’t exaggerate. You don’t need to spend much money to impress others. Keep an eye on yourself and see to it that it’s not addiction.

Keeping Your Home Fashionable is Not That Expensive

Cleaning the house is not enough these days.  Home fashion changes the face of home decoration and home cleaning. Calling a septic service for waste disposal or a gardener to clean the backyard is a necessity.  Home trends might not be a requisite for home building but it’s the new deal. Being comfortable in a clean home is not sufficient especially if you have an eye for fashion and art.

Keeping up with home trends are a little frustrating. Plus it’s time-consuming and a bit costly too. It’s true that the beautiful pieces and color style means more money to get them updated. But never mind the cost because there are a lot of home trends that will only cost you few dollars especially if you know how to do it. Believe or not your septic service may even cost more. Here are some tips to guide you on keeping your house trendy.

  1. Choose your colors – Home designing starts with choosing the right color. It’s the most important ingredient in decorating your home. You need it when matching furniture and choosing wall decorations. There’s a huge palette to select the colors. That’s why you need to choose colors that are have been popular for years. That way you can be sure that it will stay popular. Then you need not change your home color and decoration from time to  time. It will save you time and money.
  2. Use modern-day furniture designs – These pieces of furniture can go with any other decorations. Changing designs won’t be a problem because modern furniture can go with any other design ideas. Your home will still look trendy no matter how old the furniture is, plus it will save you lots of money.
  3. Few accents will do – You need to have accents when decorating your home. A simple vase, pictures, figurines and lamp shades play a big role in home designing. You can change these things easily when you’re trying a new look. That’s why few accents are better because you only need some to replace them. Just imagine how expensive it will be if you have lots of accents to change around the house.
  4. Be friends with fabrics – Throw pillows are easily updated with different accents colors. Changing fabrics is the best way to make your living room updated. It’s very economical too especially if you know how to sew. Just be careful with textures because some textures might not be as trendy as the color you have chosen.

All you need is knowledge and patience plus your creativity to make your home trendy everyday.  Just remember that being comfortable in your own home is more important than being fashionable.

Music’s Influence on Fashion Trends

Trends and styles in the clothes that we wear are the result of several contributing factors. Primarily, people wear clothes to protect their bodies from the elements but this is not the only reason for one’s choice of clothing. In most cases, it is the culture and what is popularized in media that dictates what a certain generation prefers to wear. Since music is an integral part of every culture, it is then no surprise that it indeed casts influence on fashion.

Along with the commercial success of the Beatles in the mid-1960’s came the trend of mop-top hairstyles, skinny ties and collarless suits. The band even started a trend in footwear, aptly called Beatles boots, which was tight-fitting, ankle-length and had Cuban heels. One fashion article that is still being worn even today is the pair of round, thin-rimmed spectacles that was part of the trademark look of John Lennon.

In the seventies when most young people were listening to psychedelic rock, they wore shirts with bold floral patterns and designs and paired them with bell bottoms. When punk rock became the rage, one would not be surprised to see men and women wearing torn shirts and black leather pants and accessories. The Mohawk hairstyle, which punk rock followers wore and dyed in different colors, was also in vogue. In the late seventies, disco music became popular and so did glittery short dresses. Men during this time wore tight pants made of polyester.

Not to be outdone, country music has an impact on fashion too, with a mix of rock & roll and biker looks. Sundresses, tight denim pants, leather jackets, wide leather belts and cowboy boots are just a few of the trends that southern music helped to make popular. Country music artists like Taylor Swift and Toby Keith have even launched their own clothing lines. To identify with the type of music they love, fans like to wear these types of clothes especially when their favorite artists perform live. For example, when the country pop duo, Florida Georgia Line, goes on tour, southern music-inspired clothes can be as in demand as the Florida Georgia Line tickets for the concert.

Currently, the type of music that has an obvious influence on fashion is hip-hop, characterized by the very large-sized shirts and baggy jeans worn with athletic footwear. Male hip-hop artists are also distinguished by their love of thick, flashy gold chains and jewelry, while the women are known for their sexy and revealing clothes.

Music and fashion are both forms of art, as well as forms of expression; and both are also essential parts of a culture. As long as people’s tastes in music change, a concurrent change in fashion trends will always follow.