Differentiating Beauty Queens and Top Models

Both the pageant and fashion industries adore beauty and glamour. In many ways, these industries are the same. First of all, women dominate these fields. There are more pageants created for women and in the fashion industry, female models are paid more. Those who wish to enter these industries are also in for a cutthroat competition. Out of thousands of women aspiring to become a model, only the selected few make their way to the top. In beauty pageants, candidates have to go through a rigorous selection process, and only one ends up with a crown.

However, despite the similarities of these two fields, they are in fact different in many ways. There are those who are meant to be successful beauty queens and others are destined to be supermodels. Though there are those who are successful in crossing over from pageants to modeling and vice versa, the truth is that it is a huge risk. Only a few women succeed in this endeavor. Let us take a closer look at how these 2 fields differ from one another.

  • Beauty pageants usually crown commercial beauties. They are the “pretty” women whose beauty is universally acceptable. On the other hand, the fashion industry is looking for “edgier” beauties. Those who are not necessarily considered “beautiful” by the masses are given more emphasis in the modeling world. Thus, we see models who have teeth gap, tons of freckles, weird facial bone structure, and the like.
  • Models are meant to be “mannequins.” They are usually just dressed up to sell products and services. They speak through their facial expressions and body languages. However, beauty queens are meant to be ambassadors of their respective pageants. They need to be eloquent. They also have to pass the question and answer portion, which usually is an important segment during the coronation night.
  • In modeling, the catwalk has to be precise and technical. Models are expected to have really strong walks and long strides. They need to have serious faces most of the times. Catwalk is also important in pageants. However, candidates are expected to have more personality. They need to exude more “happy” energy and be a little “flirty.”
  • Being over the top is important in modeling. The modeling industry needs women who can totally stand out. This is why the way women are styled in fashion shows is totally exaggerated. From frizzy hair, to layers of makeup, and unique dresses, anything can happen in fashion. However, in beauty pageants, candidates have to be prim and proper. Exaggerated gowns are still acceptable, but none should go beyond the limits. Pageant organizers also check the gowns to be worn and see if they are fit for live television shows.
  • Models can model anything that is offered to them by different companies. Whether it is for a cigarette brand, liquor company, furniture company such http://www.unfinishedfurnitures.com/, or even men’s magazine, models have the freedom. Beauty queens on the other hand have limitations. National and international pageants have their own rules in regards to what should be allowed for their queens to endorse.

Trying it out in both worlds can be very difficult and the competition is very tough. Therefore, if you wish to be a part of any of these industries, it pays a lot to know which field you are to shine. Crossovers can be done later on if you have already established your name.