Music’s Influence on Fashion Trends

Trends and styles in the clothes that we wear are the result of several contributing factors. Primarily, people wear clothes to protect their bodies from the elements but this is not the only reason for one’s choice of clothing. In most cases, it is the culture and what is popularized in media that dictates what a certain generation prefers to wear. Since music is an integral part of every culture, it is then no surprise that it indeed casts influence on fashion.

Along with the commercial success of the Beatles in the mid-1960’s came the trend of mop-top hairstyles, skinny ties and collarless suits. The band even started a trend in footwear, aptly called Beatles boots, which was tight-fitting, ankle-length and had Cuban heels. One fashion article that is still being worn even today is the pair of round, thin-rimmed spectacles that was part of the trademark look of John Lennon.

In the seventies when most young people were listening to psychedelic rock, they wore shirts with bold floral patterns and designs and paired them with bell bottoms. When punk rock became the rage, one would not be surprised to see men and women wearing torn shirts and black leather pants and accessories. The Mohawk hairstyle, which punk rock followers wore and dyed in different colors, was also in vogue. In the late seventies, disco music became popular and so did glittery short dresses. Men during this time wore tight pants made of polyester.

Not to be outdone, country music has an impact on fashion too, with a mix of rock & roll and biker looks. Sundresses, tight denim pants, leather jackets, wide leather belts and cowboy boots are just a few of the trends that southern music helped to make popular. Country music artists like Taylor Swift and Toby Keith have even launched their own clothing lines. To identify with the type of music they love, fans like to wear these types of clothes especially when their favorite artists perform live. For example, when the country pop duo, Florida Georgia Line, goes on tour, southern music-inspired clothes can be as in demand as the Florida Georgia Line tickets for the concert.

Currently, the type of music that has an obvious influence on fashion is hip-hop, characterized by the very large-sized shirts and baggy jeans worn with athletic footwear. Male hip-hop artists are also distinguished by their love of thick, flashy gold chains and jewelry, while the women are known for their sexy and revealing clothes.

Music and fashion are both forms of art, as well as forms of expression; and both are also essential parts of a culture. As long as people’s tastes in music change, a concurrent change in fashion trends will always follow.