The Fashion World and Prohibited Drugs

Liz Hurley may be one brave girl, choosing to be among a few fashion models who have revealed a drug-addicted fashion world. In a past interview with the Daily Mail, UK, Estee Lauder model, Elizabeth, talked about heroin addiction being rampant in the fashion industry. She believes drug use is common among those breaking into the fashion industry and among models who are still quite new in the business. As to why she doesn’t think that established models (‘supermodels’) are drug dependent, she comments that ‘it would be difficult to build a huge business empire if you are wasted all the time’. Liz says that drug abusers find it hard to get bookings; people stop booking them because they are unreliable.

Hurley cautions people about mass-judging models, though. Although it is true that some pressure young girls into taking illegal drugs to maintain a thin frame, “Not all skinny models are drug users”, she said.

Best known in the ‘90s, Claudia Schiffer, a well-established model figure, claims she wasn’t aware of the people around her who were into drugs. She thinks it was so, since she wasn’t really interested with the partying and fame that came with the status. She was mostly a ‘straight from work-to home’ kind of girl. She states she was never offered anything, and she didn’t witnessed anyone taking drugs. She was not interested in drugs, nor smoke, nor wine.

Claudia thinks though, that the modeling industry now is more professional, more businesslike, more serious about budget and finance. This may or may not mean a ‘curbing’ of taste for partying, drugs, and other addictive vices. With the stiff competition, a serious model would put more time into performing well, while the ‘iron is still hot’. Popularity may be with him/her for a season or two and then it may soon be gone.

Kylie Bisutti was once an Elite Model; she decided to quit early and is thankful that she didn’t have to get in so deep before finally realizing that the fashion world was not good for her. Eating disorders, illicit sex, and prohibited drugs, Kylie is grateful for being rescued from all that. She currently runs a faith-based website which aims to inspire people for life-change.

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