Ways to Stop Your Shopping Addiction

Being a habitual shopper or a shopaholic is good if you have lots of dollars to spend. But practically, shopping addiction is a bad habit. Shopping for unnecessary things can eventually left you empty-handed. Read the following tips than can help you bend your shopping addiction.

Know Your Possessions

You need to know what you own to avoid over spending on things you already have. Organize your things and make an inventory from your kitchen to your closets. By the time you go shopping bring a list of your inventory and try to avoid things that are still functional like the best ice cream maker you have in your kitchen.

Cash Only Policy

When you go shopping, left credit cards at home. You need to follow a ‘cash only policy’. Shopping with your credit cards around will tempt you to spend more than what you need. Unsubscribe from chain or department stores which offer coupons by using credits. It will help you get away from temptations of overspending.

Shopping is Not a Solution for Boredom and Depression

Going to the stores when your down will practically push you to buy things that are not important. Do other stuffs instead of hitting shopping malls. You can do more positive things like sitting on a library to read books or watch a feel good  movie. You can ask your friends to have coffee and talk. Do something that interests you excluding shopping.

List What You Need

You can save time and money by bringing a list to grocery stores and shopping malls. Bringing lists of necessary things will let you stick on the items in your list. If you see other things that you think is important, go home and check if you really need those. You can always go back to the store the next day.

Don’t Shop With Over-spenders

Hitting the mall with someone who is a bad spender will influence your list and your focus to buy only the necessary things. Think of things you can do with that friend that will not cost you much money. Instead go the grocery stores with a thrifty friend who can help you figure out the things necessary at home.