What to Wear in Country Music Concerts

Going to a concert of your favorite artist means a kickass outfit that will make you feel a rightful member of the crowd. If you’ll go to a Blake Shelton tour  you don’t want to look like a rock music fan! Instead, you would want to look like the legit country music fan that you are and you can achieve this look with these easy to find pieces:


Cut out denim shorts, pants, skirts are sometimes all you need to look country. You don’t have to bare all in a pair of “Daisy Dukes”; any denim bottom will do. Go for light colored denim for a more casual look and a dark one for an elegant look.


Get a plain or plaid blouse to pair with your denim shorts or jeans and you’re good to go. Consider the weather, too. If it’s hot and the concert will be held outdoors, go for loose-fitting tops. Long-sleeved blouse, which you can tuck in or hang loose, are a good option during fall and winter.


Dresses are definitely country; just look at Taylor Swift’s light summer dresses. She usually sports floral, feminine dresses that go well with her blonde locks and pink to red lipstick shades.

Cowboy Boots

All these outfits are not complete without the boots! Even the simplest dress will look fabulous on a pair of high boots. Choose a color that will go well with your top or dress. Boots look good on shorts, pants, skirts, and dress.


You can experiment with your accessories to achieve the “countriest” look. Don a cowboy hat if it looks good on your entire outfit. You can also use leather belts to pair off with denim shorts or jeans. Vibrant-colored necklaces and bracelets can spice up your look, too. You can play around with your hair by braiding it, letting it loose, or by using a pretty floral crown that even Taylor has been using.

One Final Advice

Remember, however, that you need not break your wallet just to achieve a country look! Look around for cheap deals in thrift shops or discount stores. There are also a lot of affordable cut pieces you can find online. You can look amazing without having to go broke!